About Us

IndiaCraftNation was born with a soul purpose to create a bigger platform for all the beautiful and unmatched creativity that the artisans of India have been quietly perfecting for centuries. India has been famous since ancient times as an exporter of handlooms to most parts of the world and still is a pioneer in handicraft and handlooms.

Artisan of India does not wait for all those fancy canvas or paints made in a factory. A floor, a palm leaf, a piece of cloth or even palm of a hand is enough to show their skill; Flowers, leaves or vegetables are enough to paint their imagination. They have perfected the art of storytelling about nature, religions, societies and life without affecting the nature or without hurting the religious sentiments or societies.

IndiaCraftNation is a step towards acknowledging that very art and creation and helping those artisans who despite of having those incredible skills never get a particular stage to showcase their art in front of the whole wide world, and we want to create an identity for those artisans by letting them showcase and sell their products through www.indiacraftnation.com (ICN).

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